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IOCs and You

Often times in malware analysis (even at a home user level) there are certain indicators that may lead us to the root of an infection or the potential for infection. More often than not, these indicators are just that, indicators, they do not clearly determine whether or not a machine is actually compromised or not.
Wikipedia may describe an IOC as a high probability of compromise but from experience and work in the field, this is not always the case. For those of you who do (or don't) keep up with the IT Security world, I will use ShellShock or NIST's CVE-2014-6271 (CVE - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). These numbers are assigned by NIST (National Institute of Technology and Standards) as a way to identify the vulnerabilities that are made public. The common naming conventions are CVE-[Date]-[Vulnerability Number].
There are several "typical IOCs" that may be noticed. Please keep in mind that although I'm coming from an enterprise level environment, many of these ideas and terms apply to a home user.
An IOC may come in several different forms: a network indicator such as a strange inbound or outbound connection to an unknown IP; an anomaly in a commonly used program such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word; strange blue screens at odd times (typically triggered by an action you perform within the Operating System that then results in a BSOD [Blue Screen of Death]. The most common IOCs are virus detections and/or malware detections that are picked up on by your typical virus scanner.
Too often, we see a file removed by MalwareBytes or Avast, etc. and say to ourselves “phew, disaster avoided” this USED to the the case but it is not any longer. Typically, by the time something is detected by a home-based AV software suite, something else has already executed on your machine. I discussed in a previous post the occurrence of Dropper.[Trojan] or Downloader.[Trojan], specifically Upatre which drops POS malware. There are many different types of downloaders and droppers, some of which may mask themselves as legitimate programs and inject themselves at the installation of this “legitimate” software using the *.msi or Microsoft Signed Installer.
It is extremely common for a user to just click “Yes” and “Next” and “I Accept” when installing a program, many of you may think I’m calling you out and that you’d never even think of clicking on any of those links but how many of you use uTorrent? Have you ever noticed how during the installation of uTorrent there are several checkboxes that you need to uncheck in order not to download or install other pieces of software/downloads that uTorrent wants you to try? Furthermore, have you noticed that you have to mouse over directly to the checkbox or radio button itself to un-check these options? If you are familiar with programming you know that when coding a GUI, the entire checkbox or radio button is controlled by the text itself, merely for user simplicity ie. click the text next to the checkbox or radio button and it enables or disables it.
Why do you think the uTorrent installer was programmed like this? They WANT you to miss clicking the link; other software does this as well. YouTube converters, search add-ons for browsers, and other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) may be dropped directly on your machine. Usually, they are harmless but may leads to high CPU or memory use. Sometimes however, it is possible to download these installers, modify them and have the PUPs be used as downloaders or droppers.
Back to IOCs and a wrap-up to my rambling: If you notice an AV detection on your machine or malware binary detected, pop open CMD Prompt and try out:
netstat -an
This command lists all IP addresses that are connected to your machine. Don’t worry about anything that is a 74.x.x.x as that is typically Google or anything as that is localhost or services that your own machine uses to control itself over IP (there is a better explanation to this but this is the simplest way to explain it). If there is anything odd, or anything that you don’t recognize, look it up online. There are many reputable sites for checking IPs and their reputation:
www.ipvoid.com www.centralops.net www.virustotal.com
The list is nearly endless but these sites will let you know if there is anything that has poor reputation. If you happen to find anything, look it up on Google and determine the potential root cause. If you can’t try running;
McAfee Stinger (free program for removal of tough-to-find infections) - this particular program does NOT install, it runs then it disappears except for a folder in your C:\ drive Hitman Pro Kaspersky TDSSKiller (specifically for rootkits)
Try them in that order, there IS a logical explanation for the order but again, that’s a topic for another post or a reply to a comment/question.
Happy hunting.
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What are you replacing it with? Feel free to take my notes as suggestions for operations which I hope are [easily] possible with whatever mechanism replaces this. I don't think we'll be encouraging plugins at all, it's not something we believe is part of the web. It was a necessary evil back in the 90s, but browsers can do pretty much anything a plugin is capable of these days.
I like you guys. We like you too.
Hm... not sure I agree with that sentiment. I'm no fan of plugins in most cases, but it seems like there are quite a few businesses which use them for various reasons, and you might be closing off a large part of the market without the feature. They'll still be able to install plugins — it's just that we are not going to go out of our way to convince you to install the plugin — that's their job. ;)
Now kiss. Link to i.imgur.com
I am a user of google chrome. what would make me switch to firefox? Firefox is built by Mozilla, a non-profit organization who's mission is to make the web better, more open, and more accessible, for everybody.
We have no interest in making money off of you. We're interested in making your web experience better, safer, and more secure.
If a choice came to us where we had to choose between making boatloads of money, or making things better for our users, we would 100% always choose making things better for our users. Every time.
If we had shareholders, they'd probably crap themselves. That's why we don't have them, and will never have them.
So, I guess there's my pitch. Our browser is built for you, and not as a vehicle to make us money. We'll never compromise on your safety, privacy, or security.
Plus, we're community driven. Come join us. :\)
Now lets talk on the technical side, Why switch from chrome to Firefox from a technical point of view? There are a couple of angles on this. First of all, we're 100% open source. You can read all of Firefox's source code. Every byte in the compiled binary is public for you to gawk at. And help with.
Chrome is not this way. The Chromium project, which Chrome is based on, is open-source, but then they take the Chromium code, pump in some other things that are closed (their own home-brew of Flash, and some other stuff), and that's what becomes Chrome.
Other technical reasons...our add-on ecosystem is far richer, and our add-ons framework is far more powerful... we tend to use less memory than Chrome (I'm serious) since we don't copy the process per tab...
There are more reasons I could list, but I also have a huge backlog of questions to answer. :)
Whose mission* I stand corected.
I love Firefox, and it is my primary choice for browsing. The one feature that bothers me though is that if I want to go to Private Browsing (Ctrl+Shift+P), my current window disappears. This can be annoying especially when I have a video open and when I get back to normal browsing it starts from the beginning and not where I left it. Have you thought about changing this practice so that a private browsing page opens completely on a new window? Thanks. Yes we have, and you can try per-Windows private browsing in Firefox 20 beta, Link to www.mozilla.org
It has been fixed, and is coming to Firefox in version 20, if I remember correctly.
Starting in Firefox 20 (currently in beta), we support per-window private browsing! You can get the beta here to use it today: Link to www.mozilla.org
I use a dark windows theme. Any way to fix this? File a bug! Link to bugzilla.mozilla.org
Why is there no Windows 64 bit version of Firefox? 64bit Firefox isn't a priority, as there are few benefits, and it's alot of work when there are other, large and more important projects to work on. 32bit Firefox runs well on 64bit windows for the time being.
Do you have to have a degree to apply for a design job at Mozilla/Firefox? or can you apply if you have relevant experience? Thanks for doing this AMA :) We have lots of people that are school dropouts, so it's certainly not a requirement. If you're talented, we'd love to talk to you!
Hey guys. Long time Firefox user but it is a bit of a memory hog. Any plans to slim it down? Yep, we've been tracking that, and have made some improvements. Of course, if you have the memory, doesn't it make sense to trade some higher memory usage for better speed?
We are always working on improving memory usage in Firefox (we have a team called memshrink working on it in every release). Have you tried Firefox 19 after a Firefox Reset?
We've been slimming down Firefox a lot in recent months - we call it the MemShrink project.
And we've been making pretty decent strides! See areweslimyet.com for a graph of our progress.
I should also point out that add-ons are almost always the first suspect when it comes to memory leaks and consumption. We've made that a bit better in recent versions of Firefox (since Firefox 15\).
At the moment, Firefox generally does better on memory than any of the other browsers in independent tests. So yes, it's a lot better these days, and we keep working on it! Check out the MemShrink project.
What happened to Australis? Why we have different tab style between Thunderbird and Firefox? Link to i.imgur.com
Wow it's beautiful! When will it come to Linux? Hey - I'm working on the Linux GTK port as we speak.
Curvy tabs are currently available in our UX Nightly builds.. Your distro might have UX in its package universe too, if you didn't want to grab the nightly from us.
Did you see that guys? limi rick-rolled us! I tried to be subtle about it. ;)
Will there be an option to turn of curvy tabs for those who don't want it? One of the reasons I switched from chrome to FF was because I prefer the current look of the tabs in FF 18. I'm sure somebody will develop a theme to switch you back. Without fail, when we introduce something, somebody in the community introduces an add-on that will switch you back. ;)
But that person will not be me - I'm biased, but I quite like the new tabs.
Have to use? Are you limited in what version of Flash you can use? Yes. The NPAPI version. IE does ActiveX, Chrome does Pepper.
Hey, not really much of a poster, but I love Firefox and as a graduating senior (related to this field), I figured I might get in on the act. What do you guys see as the single most important thing a person trying to get into the UX field can do to better themselves? Experience.
Build a product with someone, put everyday people in front of it, and watch it fall apart as they try to use it. Then, iterate until it doesn't. :)
Have a design process that you are able to communicate clearly to others. Even better if your design process is research-driven. :)
Why doesn't audio go through the browser as a middle-man so the browser knows which tabs are blaring music, etc? (And so you could mute a tab). Because Flash.
(Yes, I'd love to have this fixed too)
Because the NPAPI that Flash uses to hook into Firefox doesn't allow for this.
And we could spend resources altering the API and convincing Adobe to change Flash to work with it (unlikely)...
Or maybe it's time to do something a little webbier with Flash, like we did with PDFs...
Are any of you guys working on Firefox OS? I've contributed a teeny-tiny thing to Firefox OS, but that was just in my spare time.
If so how do you feel about jumping into this field as its a huge undertaking! I don't want to speak for the whole community, but I think it's safe to say that we're pumped. According to some of the old hands in the community, this feeling very much resembles the one we had before diving into the desktop browser world, and taking on IE. Gonna disrupt mobile and open it up. Feels good.
A sign of a close-interlinked company. IMO, more accurately, the sign of a vibrant, healthy, exciting community. Community > company.
An explicit goal for Firefox OS is to run well on low-end hardware.
INTEGRATED VOLUME CONTROL!!!? I would PAY for that! So would we! Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to do when Flash works the way it does.
I believe currently the entire interface currently uses CSS to mimic the native platforms UI. This is only partly true. Yes, we define the interface using the XUL language and CSS, but for certain things, we defer to the operating system to tell us how to draw things.
For example, I'm working on getting the tabs into the titlebar on OSX. The titlebar that we're using in this build is a XUL hbox with the -moz-appearance CSS property (non-standard) set to -moz-window-titlebar.
When we do that, we signal Gecko's widget layer that we want this to look like the native titlebar, and the code responsible for Cocoa widgetry takes care of painting that for us.
The same is true with things like progress bars. Those are XUL progressmeters, but we're definitely not drawing those ourselves.
The upshot about this is that we can (usually) use the same XUL across each platform, and then let the CSS and widgetry layer define how we paint it.
Things like scrollbars and bounce behaviours are pretty hard, but we're getting there. We've recently hired more Cocoa talent to work on this stuff, so you might start seeing it sooner rather than later.
Speaking of, if you're interested in trying tabs in the titlebar on OSX, a demo version should be appearing in tomorrow's UX Nightly builds...
I hope I answered your question!
Awesome! Any idea when it make it into the release version? I currently open Chrome when I need a clean private session. According to the release calendar, Firefox 20 moves to the release channel on April 1st. (And no, I'm not joking. :) )
Install a tracking cookie that alerts you to when I try do download another browser and then makes me click a whole bunch of "are you sure?" windows. Good idea. Maybe throw in a toolbar too. :D.
I have to restore last session to get my tabs to reopen. Ah, you mean that if there's a stray window and you close what you think is the last window, you lose your session. There is a timer (I believe) that is supposed to fix that, so have you experienced it lately?
If i somehow miss a stupid popup window (why do some websites still use those fucking things?) when closing firefox i lose that session, its annoying as all hell. If/when that happens, you can access the History menu (via the Firefox button in the top left on Windows or the menu bar on OS X) and reopen your window(s) from the Recently Closed Windows sub-menu.
I understand that your main source of revenue is referral fees from the search bar at the top right of the page. I like google as my search engine. I'm wondering, if I set my homepage (or go) to google and search from their bar directly, does Mozilla still get the referral fee? No, you have to use either the built-in search box, enter your search in the URL bar, or use our built-in home page (about:home). At least as far as I know, I'm not on the business development team. :)
Thanks for the reply! I'll keep going top right. Top left works too. :)
Thanks for the support! :) You also have the ability to donate directly to the foundation.
Or you can come get involved! Firefox is powered by the community, and we always want more. You don't need to be a coder - we need help with testing, support, triage...all sorts of stuff.
Come join us. :)
Edit: accidentally a word.
What kind of user testing do you guys do? Do you do in-lab studies, field work, focus groups? Hi! I'm a Senior UX Researcher at Mozilla.
We use a huge range of user research techniques. The primary ones that we use (in no particular order):
Qualitative, ethnographic interviews in the field (esp. in participants' home or office)
Diary studies.
Quantitative surveys.
Studies of user behavior using Test Pilot and Micropilot
User testing.
In terms of how we implement and use these techniques, we prefer to use multiple techniques within a single project (for example, a series of qualitative interviews, a diary study, and a quantitative survey). Using multiple approaches, allows us to answer questions that we can't answer with only one technique. Also, multiple approaches allows us to triangulate and validate the results from the different techniques among one another.
We do not have a lab nor do we intend to use one in the near future. As much as we are able to do so, we are firm believers in observing and understanding the actual context in which people use our products.
Saving images is slow, and I cannot figure out why. I usually just save pictures that are ALREADY DISPLAYED. Why is copying the file out of the cache folder 1000x fasater than right-click->save as? Your anti-virus software, if you have any, might be at fault here. Try disabling it, and seeing if this persists.
That's a good question. Did you file a bug? Link to bugzilla.mozilla.org
Also work in a support, and very often advice people to change to Firefox. Your new .pdf browser really makes the difference when having to choose between Chrome and Firefox, when changing from IE. Link to limi.net
As for improvements to it, my biggest issue was that if you opened a ton of tabs\windows (to the point where it became slow), you couldn't speed it up again by just closing tabs\windows. The only reason I can think this happens is that the tabs are kept in memory until you restart the browser. Perhaps I'm wrong, but if that's the case, couldn't you just keep a list of the closed windows\tabs page addresses, and re-connect to them? If not, go to Link to support.mozilla.org and we can help fix those crashes for you. Just making sure, you did a reset too?
If you enter "about:crashes" in the URL bar, you should see a list of reported crashes. If you've still got entries there, post a few recent IDs here (or PM me), and I'll take a look to see if it indicates what might be wrong.
Chrome starts up almost instantly... Firefox always takes a good 5-10 seconds to start up... just wondering if you guys have plans to implement faster start up? That's an unacceptably slow start time. Have you tried resetting Firefox?
If Firefox takes 5-10 seconds to start up, there's definitely something wrong.
Try updating to the latest version, and then Reset Firefox?
Link to support.mozilla.org
I don't see any way to pop them out into another window like Chrome, which is extremely helpful. On the latest Nightly, there is a button next to the close button of the Devtools console that pops it open into a new window. Not sure what release this is in, but it's coming.
I don't see anything for profiling JS/CSS/etc A JS profiler has been added to Firefox 20, currently in beta.
When there is too much horizontal pressure on the tabs, Firefox uses a carousel combined with a drop down that shows all the tabs. IE will use a carousel without a dropdown. Chrome will just shrink the tabs and will eventually prevent you from browsing any new tabs created. What were the reasons that lead you towards selecting a carousel and dropdown? What kind of telemetry do you see with users actually filling the tabs and using the overflow features? Do they use the dropdown often in those cases, or rely more often on the carousel? Actually, we have plans for improving that part. Most of it was done before we had any user behavior information at all, and it turns out it's not exactly optimal. (Not that other browsers do better :)
I was under the impression that tab groups were more or less unsupported at this point. Eg, nobody working on fixing bugs or improving the integration with app tabs and other things. Is this not true? What are the future plans for them? It is kind of stopped now since we are figuring out a plan to move it forward. It's definitely on the list of things that need some design love :)
Any plans to integrate support of Remote Web Workplace? I'd never use IE again if I could initiate "Connect to a Computer" option through remote web workplace on Mozilla. I'm not sure but I think its ActiveX. You are correct, Remote Web Workplace is ActiveX. ActiveX cant be run in Firefox and there are no plans to integrate that (It's a proprietary Microsoft technology that is very insecure and bad for the web).
Why do you want to set every fox on fire? Renewable energy.
I have a pet peeve / interface suggestion if that's ok. I kind of dislike that the options window is a separate, "pop-up" window, and not integrated into a tab (kind of like the add-ons manager is). Is it possible to change this in the future? While not a programmer myself, I understand enough that, probably, the first method one might consider in making this happen is to allow changing of settings via html or whatever (so that it could be put into the tab like a webpage might), but that could open firefox up to security vulnerabilities and other problems. One reason I would like to get rid of the popup options window though is that I sometimes need to change my font size minimums in order to view some pages properly. I prefer to leave them around 18-point for better readability, but some sites' formatting makes the words/labels bleed out of their boxes that they've so strictly designed to fit 12-point and nothing else. So I was thinking it might be nice to leave the options window open... but you can't do anything like browse or change tabs while it is open as a popup, especially when it stays on top of the browser window. If it was a tab though, it would be no problem. Also, I am aware of, and use, add-ons like No-Squint and such, but they don't always help due to a page's "over-done formatting". Plus I guess I just kinda have my own way of doing things though, you know? Well, there's my $0.02. We're doing exactly that! The preferences will be moved to a tab.
Guys I really do not have any. I love firefox. But if I had to ask you...You guys ever thought about incorporating ghostery into the standard package? We've made several changes in that direction (e.g. Do Not Track), and stopped accepting cookies from third-party providers (unless you have visited their site already). Implementing all of what Ghostery does would probably massively break the web. When you have a few hundred million users, you have to move carefully with these things. The web is (for better or worse) an advertising economy.
As for me personally — yes, I think we need to do even more. But it's more complex than it appears at first glance. :)
I use a master password in FF, but when the wrong pass is entered cookies are still retained, so another user could get into Facebook (for example). I know I can log out of FB daily but that sucks. Can we make the master password close the cookie jar? Yeah, Master Password needs a redesign.
Blake can you link me to bugs/wikimo pages about that? Looks like it'll have serious implications for my new tab add-on. I don't think there is any of that yet. The prototype is mostly stuff that UX is playing around with to see if we can make that page better for users. But throw me some email (at my username at mozilla.com), and I'll let you know when stuff moves forward…
What are your opinions on the add on Add Blocker and the possible income it takes away from websites? AdBlock actually allows unobtrusive ads, so I like the way it forces ad agencies to play nicer.
For me this is usually just a timing issue. I open it too fast after closing, and it works fine when I try again. So can you not just have the new process wait a second after the first failure and then try again before popping the error? That's a good idea. Yes, something along these lines might be a good mitigating solution.
Why does Firefox eat all my memory? Out of the three web browsers I use Firefox is the most demanding memory wise and usually causes my computer to have problems. Dell Xps M1330 Win 7 64bit ultimate 4GB RAM Intel core 2 duo. Link to support.mozilla.org
Is there a reason that you go with separate search and URL bars, rather than a Chrome-style universal search bar thingy? Historical reasons. And some privacy ones. We do want to merge them.
What is the deal with "Plug in container"? It fucks up all the time and eats all my memory. Ever since you guys added that Firefox has kinda sucked. That's Flash sucking, not Firefox.
Not a peeve, but an idea I'd like to see: Being able to easily identify which open tab is producing sound. More than once I've had to close down my browser because some ad with sound started playing and I couldn't find which ad on which page was playing it. Curiously enough, I just got email about this. Someone has a patch that adds a global volume control, and controls to mute all the tabs, or all the non-visible tabs. So that's certainly something we'll be looking into… :)
I answered this over here.
It's quite annoying when you exit out of Firefox then immediately try to open it again it gives you the "Firefox is already running in another process" error. Other than that, love Firefox! Yeah, that does suck indeed.
What's happening is that Firefox is still in the process of closing, even though the window has disappeared. When you try to re-open Firefox, it flips out, because the first process hasn't finished up yet.
The performance team is working hard on this on the "exit(0)" project. It's a P1 goal. You can track our progress in this bug. (make sure to follow Bugzilla etiquette if it's your first time).
Yeah, this sounds like it is not shutting down fast enough. Try a reset?
Link to support.mozilla.org
That's when I open the task manager and shut down that process. Hold the pillow over it's face. Sleeep... No tears now. I enjoyed this comment. Have an upvote.
Ending the process, I find, works like a charm. Yes, but it shouldn't be necessary! Try the reset. :)
smooth as butter for several hours. Then, after that, everything gets laggylaggylaggy One thing we are considering is to unload tabs you haven't used in hours/days from memory, similar to how we restore background tabs on-demand when you restart.
I never know if Firefox is going to remember my tabs from last time or not. When Firefox starts: Show my windows and tabs from last time.
I'm sure our performance team would be interested in the output of the built-in Profiler, if you can capture it when it's lagging… One thing we are considering is to unload tabs you haven't used in hours/days from memory, similar to how we restore background tabs on-demand when you restart. Here are docs on how to report a performance problem when you come across them: Link to developer.mozilla.org
I wish sync was easier to use/understand. I just want to to put in my username and password and have my browsers sync across all PC's that use. We definitely agree and there is very active work going on to make this happen. Please stay tuned!
Yup, Sync is a bit of a mess, and is being re-done.
One of the things that I wanted to tackle when I started at Mozilla was re-doing sync because I thought it was really cool, but an impenetrable user experience for most users. Turns out, looking at our data it is an impenetrable user experience for most users.
It is in the process of being completely redone and integrating other data services that you would want to sync among your devices.
Sync is such a mess im amazed it got the get-go to roll. I'm an IT guy myself, but even I hate it so much that I use chrome at times when I need this functionality. You're not the only one. I don't think anyone likes it in its current state. (and yes, then the question is… why did it ship?)
Oddly enough, I actually love it in its current state. <3.
One wish: manually control if i want a PDF to be viewed in firefox or downloaded. It seems that the website usually decides this and it is annoying as hell when they guess wrong. Thanks! You can tell Firefox what to do with PDFs in the Options (or Preferences) dialog, under the "Applications" pane.
Find "PDF" in that list, and then set the action on the right.
I don't know if this is a known bug, but anytime I'm on a page with a Flash player, particularly YouTube, I can no longer use my computer's volume control buttons. Flash integration is always a pain, and especially around focus issues. Flash is allowed to steal keyboard shortcuts etc, which is very frustrating. It was our #1 paper cut issue three years ago, and it still is. Luckily, Flash is slowly disappearing. That doesn't mean we shouldn't do everything we can to fix this issue in the meantime, though. (Both IE and Chrome have a different version of Flash than the one we have to use, which makes things complicated.) This has been a reoccurring issue since Flash 11.3 was released. Can you go to about:addons and see what version of Flash is installed? I just checked mine and I actually had 2 (?!) versions of Flash installed (11.5 and 11.6). Uninstalling Flash through the Control Panel (on Windows) and reinstalling clean from Adobe's site gave me Flash 11.6 and I can no longer reproduce the bug. I hope that helps.
Works fine in IE, and Chrome, but not in Firefox.
I feel like it's the only thing that truly bugs me about the browser. Other than that, great work, I don't think I'll be changing anytime soon.
Flash hijacks most keyboard input, so even commands like control-w (to close the tab) don't work. I know this has an open ticket (and has for a while) but I would really love to see it fixed. Me too!
We have people working on it as we speak! You will see a better new tab soon. And for now you can hide the boxes by clicking on the grid thing on the upper right of the page. A terrible-looking example of one of the designs we're looking into is at this prototype page.
I use Firefox for porn, thanks. If you're not using Firefox Beta, Aurora, or Nightly, then you're in for a treat when you check them out.
EDIT: Fuck yeah, thanks for the reddit gold! We now have a new implementation of our Private Browsing that will open in a separate window instead of swapping your current browsing context.
If you're not using Firefox Beta, Aurora, or Nightly, then you're in for a treat when you check them out. We now have a new implementation of our Private Browsing that will open in a separate window instead of swapping your current browsing context. Engagement rings for everybody!
I was kinda confused when I would do my normal Ctrl Shift P and it now pops up a Private WINDOW instead of closing the regular window altogether and opening a purple private one. Now it's just too easy to close up when you're done. You don't have to restart all your tabs! I get kinda confused when I hit Cmd-Shift-[ to switch tabs, and get a new Private Window, cause my fingers are shifted over a key… ;)
Keep your strong stance on user privacy and you'll have me as a user forever. You can count on it.
We do our best!
But how will we know? ;-)
Having the options and settings in the upper left hand under "Firefox" is confusing and the opposite of Chrome and Internet Explorer in Windows, which leads to training headaches with users. We're moving the menu to the right side, see the Australis redesign project.
I agree, this is ridiculous, and I complain about it every chance I get. Can you say "pet peeve"? :D.
We have lots of people that are school dropouts, so it's certainly not a requirement. If you're talented, we'd love to talk to you! A link to our careers page would probably be useful here, too… ;)
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